Monday March 5th

Visionary Architect, Art Gensler, Joins Kasita’s Advisory Board

Every day at Kasita is exciting to us. Seriously, if you’ve ever been part of a young company with a powerful shared vision and a big appetite to make positive change, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Well here’s some more excitement. Today we are welcoming Arthur Gensler, founder of Gensler Architects as a member of Kasita’s Board of Advisors. For us, this is the kind of news that confirms we are on the right path, that all the hard work and brilliant attention to every little detail makes sense.

We asked Art what drew him to Kasita and here’s what he said:

“Affordable housing for individuals — and especially students — is in critical shortage in this country and the world.  A well-designed solution with micro-apartments can have a huge impact. Add to that the ability to mass-produce a quality design in a manufacturing setting and we’re on to something… But really, I got interested in Kasita when I saw the quality of the design, both inside and out. Good design is always the key.”

For over 50 years, Art has been leading the world of modern architecture on a path that focuses on the power of design to transform experiences in spaces. He and his team have created iconic airports and schools, they’ve planned city centers and corporate campuses, and yes, Art is famous for designing the first 100 Apple Stores. But above and beyond all of the incredible spaces that Art and his team have designed (all over the world), he has championed the people who use these spaces—the communities who ultimately move inside and out of these projects.

All of our decisions, all of our iterations, are meant to make the experience of living in a Kasita truly satisfying and simple. Neighborhoods and people living simpler, fuller lives is at the heart of our design mantra. Having Art join us on our path to transform housing around the world not only feels ratifying, it just plain excites us.

Welcome Art!


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