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Creating a new approach to housing is an ambitious challenge, one that requires a diverse team with a broad range of thought, background, and experience. Most of us have personally experienced the stress of the housing market, which is why we’re determined to build homes that work for everyone.

John Tomlin

Production Manager

John can build you a house and cook you a meal equally well. He and his team are literally building the future of housing, one Kasita at a time.

Ray Tovar

Shop Worker

Ray brings decades of construction experience to Kasita. You can find him watching or playing baseball in his free time.

Adriana Rodriguez

Manufacturing Engineer

Native of Puerto Rico Adriana loves her schnauzer Luna and exploring Austin. She helped build large planes before joining us to build micro homes.

Lauren Dickson


Lauren is a native Austinite. When she’s not thinking about numbers, she enjoys cooking and playing beach volleyball.

Nelson Rudolph

Head of Marketing

A connoisseur of wilderness, Nelson lives outdoors when he isn't leading the charge for Kasita marketing.

Javier Lozano

Product Engineer

Javier started his career testing rockets for NASA, now he works on the house of the future. When he isn't having fun with his wife and kids, he is in the garage...

Matt Durham

Supply Chain Project Manager

Kentucky Wildcats fanatic.

Miguel Luna

Shop Worker

Daniel Luna

Shop Worker

Lee Britts

Shop Worker

Ragan Mena

Audio Visual Specialist

Susannah Haddad

Creative Director

Andrew Declercq

Sr. Software Engineer

Alan Kahler

Art Director

A wannabe philosopher and curious experimenter applying creativity to music, photography, design, marketing, and life.

Matt McPheely

Head of Sales

Self-proclaimed professional athlete and lover of all things real estate, Matt leads Kasita's sales efforts as we grow across the globe.

Emily Schmid


Newly settled in Austin with her husband and two kids, Emily leads Kasita's accounting bringing her NYC start up experience and love of hipster food trends.

Gabriel Rivas

Shop Worker

Gabriel is Native Austinite and knows the ins and outs of building a home.

Jeff Wilson, PhD

Chairman and Co-Founder

With a penchant for social experiments around minimal living, our Co-Founder is the chief visionary guiding Kasita's ultimate mission to solve for housing.

Lauren Jamison

Procurement Manager

Lauren brings 8 yrs of experience in the art world and fine art sourcing to Kasita’s supply chain. She has an affinity for aesthetics and everything hip hop.

Whitney Stafford

Experiential Marketing Manager

Having moved 22 times, Whitney knows what it takes to make a home feel like home. She is a glass-is-always-half-full kind-of-person.

Taylor Wilson

Co-Founder and EVP

A real estate development prodigy, Taylor managed and put together dozens of deals by his early 20s.

Jason Jaynes

Head of Technology

When he’s not at baseball games with his kids and wife, Jason is busy solving software problems. He’s a veteran of the tech and entrepreneurial space.

Benji Miller


A music lover, coffee drinker and renegade man of many trades, Benji is most excited about the way Kasita is positioned to challenge the norm.

Anthony Pynes

Software Architect

Responsible for designing all of the Kasita systems and how they operate with each other, Anthony is always working on something new. He LOVES horror movies.

Boris Pilev

Head of People Operations

Our very own “People Person," Boris is looking to revolutionize how the People Operations field works. His current favorite catchphrase: "We're hiring!"

Casey Wu


Anything money related, Casey handles it. Not only a fan of numbers, he's been an avid reader, having read every book in his middle school library.

Dason Whitsett

Principal Architect

Dason has 20-plus years of experience within the architecture world. He says if he wasn’t an architect he would be a theoretical physicist.

Chris Kaschner

Product Performance and Quality Manager

Chris has 2 decades of experience in manufacturing and product development. He can hold his breath for 4mins and agrees that Bob Wills is Still the King.

Anthony Heidenreich

Systems Architect

Responsible for designing all of the Kasita systems and how they operate with each other, Anthony is always working on something new. He LOVES beer.

Jeremy Klitzman

Sales Executive

A lover of all things nature, live music, and urban planning, Jeremy is working to bring Kasitas to a street corner near you.

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