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Living Lightly

Tuesday May 22nd


People talking about People Boris Pilev, Head of People interviewed by Susannah Haddad, Creative Director at Kasita sit down to... Read More

Thursday May 10th

The Align Project

Rendezvous with Reality The Align Project is a one-year demonstration project designed to challenge entrenched ideas about how we live in... Read More

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Kasita Roadshow

Monday March 19th

Visionary Architect, Art Gensler, Joins Kasita’s Advisory Board

Monday March 5th

Oh Yes We Did! We’re Kicking Off 2018...

Tuesday January 30th

Diverging from the Doublewide: How Kasita is Bringing...

Thursday December 7th

Kindred Spirits

Wednesday November 8th

It’s Time for Us to Rethink Disaster Relief...

Tuesday October 24th

Smart HomeTrends of 2018

Tuesday September 19th

Why is the Construction Industry So Outdated?

Wednesday August 30th

The opportunity sitting right in your backyard.

Tuesday August 29th

Is the Tiny House Trend Dead?

Tuesday July 18th

Decluttering? From Chemicals to Cords, Here’s how to...

Tuesday July 18th

Does the future of New York include micro...

Tuesday July 18th

Drastic Fashion: A decade of far-out capsule wardrobes...

Tuesday July 18th

Innovations in Housing: Past, Present & Future

Tuesday July 18th