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Kindred Spirits

M.J. Boyle

At Kasita, we’re all about bringing together people who are actively looking to find ways to live simpler, fuller lives and bring about change.  So last week  we invited MJ Boyle, one of the hosts of Tiny House Podcast, to visit Austin and spend a couple nights in a Kasita and give us her review.

It’s important to us to have a true ambassador of the tiny home movement experience our product, something slightly different from a traditional tiny home, and give us her valuable impressions. Turns out she was a fan! Today’s post is a letter from MJ, telling us about everything she experienced.

Thanks so much MJ!


A tiny house built on a chassis

M.J.’s Home in Portland

The Kasita Cube, a modern day modular smart home

Kasita Cube

When was the last time you stayed in a space that inspired you?

Thanks to the explosive popularity of tiny houses, this budding industry has countless opportunities for inspiration. Inspired by the freedom of living simply, and driven by the visions of luxurious tiny homes nestled in urban locations,  even the richest among us taking notice of tiny homes.

Event planners, consultants, builders, bloggers, and even podcast hosts are building a new industry where pushing boundaries is considered the norm. It’s an exiting time. 

Meet MJ, a Tiny House Ambassador

My name is MJ and I am the self-proclaimed “Hostess with the Mostest” of the Tiny House Podcast. A little over a year ago my co-hosts and I interviewed Jeff Wilson, aka Professor Dumpster. During the 45 minutes we spent chatting (and laughing) I found myself happily “leaning in”; vesting in his vision for what tiny houses could be.

And this week I finally got to experience a Kasita.

After having stayed two nights in the Kasita, I have a whole new appreciation for how much one man’s story can change the world.

For the past two years I have immersed myself in “all things tiny” and traveled from shore to shore meeting with and speaking to the luminaries of the tiny house movement. I have seen hundreds of tiny houses, and watched as builder after builder strives to set themselves apart from the pack. I have interviewed and met leaders and followers and visionaries and designers.

But never have I been more awe inspired than after seeing a Kasita.

Technology, used for good

Here’s a truth about me: I am not a huge fan of the technological advances that society has made in the past 10 years. With that said, however, my homestead friends who grow their own food and harvest rain water would scoff at my somewhat-anti-technology-and-anti-consumerism description of myself. (I own an iPhone 7 and well over 50 pairs of shoes and boots) I tell you this only to set the baseline to this brief story about how a 370 square foot tiny house changed my mind about just how far one’s imagination, and technology, can take us in the right direction towards solving our current housing crisis.

From the moment I stepped in, I was immediately struck by the impression that this was no ordinary tiny house. It wasn’t even the “high tech tiny” that I expected it to be. It felt…amazing. I thought of how many people I know who actively reject the notion of living in a tiny house because of the trailer underneath or their “coffin-like interiors” (their words, not mine) and how much they would appreciate the feel and efficient layout of this space.

Immediately, the minimalist in me appreciated the notion that everything I needed was within eyesight.


Kasita Closet

I then proceeded to wind down, and unpack. I hung my clothes in the closet, I placed my laptop on the technology “bar”, and I found everything I needed within easy reach in the kitchen. The tablet based light and sound control system was easy to navigate, the mist shower was relaxing, the bed was beyond comfortable, and the ambiance was…in a word…lovely.

Kasita Shower

Learning about the heart and soul of Kasita

The next day I met two of Kasita’s staff members for breakfast and had the opportunity to learn about their progress and their ongoing advocacy for tiny house’s legality. We chatted about the market for tiny houses, politics that affect people’s perception of the value of these efficient spaces, and the ongoing challenge of pushing sociological boundaries.

Next, I had the opportunity to tour their production facility nearby. In the parking lot, a unit was loaded onto a trailer and getting ready for delivery to a nearby community. And inside, there were many Kasitas in various stages which gave the visual impression of a step-by-step tutorial of the production process.

In a nutshell, “impressed” does not begin to describe my experience.  Jeff and his staff go above and beyond, not just for me, but for the advancement of tiny houses of all shapes and sizes.

At Kasita, they believe that every aspect of your living space should make your life simpler and fuller. And, they’ve designed an amazingly ingenious house that can be delivered to your backyard which can do; just that. And, even though the tiny houses I build for my eventual AirBnB guests will never contain the impressive technology that Kasita so thoughtfully designed into theirs, they have inspired me. So much so, in fact, that immediately upon my return home I purchased a new speaker system for my own tiny house.

When was the last time you stayed the weekend in a space that inspired YOU?

Maybe it’s time to think outside the box, for you, for me, for us all?

Maybe Kasita’s 370 square foot version of utopia might be not too small, and not too large, but just the right fit for our future’s needs?

Maybe I need to visit Kasita again, just to make sure……(wink)…..


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