Wednesday August 30th

Why is the Construction Industry So Outdated?

At Kasita, we’re reinventing modular apartment building manufacturing for a new level of efficient construction.

What do iPhones, Teslas, zero paper billing have in common? They are all technical advances. And smarter phones, more efficient cars, and smaller carbon footprints all get faster and more efficient with time. 

But one industry we’ve seen little improvement?


This industry has changed very little in the past 150 years, leaving home construction an expensive and slow process.

And Kasita is here to change that.

We’re manufacturing modern modular homes in an assembly line process, taking a cue from another innovator, Henry Ford, leaving the process cost effective and efficient.

Kasita vs Traditional Construction

Where traditional construction takes months, a Kasita takes weeks.

Traditional construction happens on-site, making it vulnerable to weather delays. Kasitas are built in a warehouse, where it’s warm and dry daily.

Traditional construction requires a large crew of workers, Kasitas are build with an expert team of just a few people.

Traditional construction is built on a one-by-one process, Kasitas are built in an assembly line process, meaning one is finished right after another.


We were tired of home and apartment construction taking forever, so we invented a new way to do it. And units we’re building homes every day in our warehouse in Austin, TX.

The construction industry is ripe for disruption, and that’s just what we’re doing.

Want to learn more?

Eager for more reading? We pored over what the Economist has to say  about it (you’ll especially love it if you’ve been to Berlin), and reading McKinsey & Company’s analogy about buying a car made us more anxious than drinking a whole pot of coffee. But we know it’s that squirmy feeling that’s going to drive us to develop better solutions for an outdated industry.





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