Who is Kasita?

Kasita is a hospitality company created for independently-minded travelers.

For guests, Kasita offers the optimal purpose-designed, precision-built hotel suite and a seamless guest experience. We combine the consistency of a global luxury hotel chain with the warmth, personal touch, and experiential authenticity of the best short-term rental you’ve ever stayed in. What you see is exactly what you get, and every single Kasita room is the same no matter where you stay. 

For landowners, Kasita offers the opportunity to activate luxury hospitality on their properties in a fraction of the time and at a cost savings of up to 50% compared to conventional projects.  Kasitas are permanent structures but are precision built in a factory and can be moved opportunistically at a low cost. This unlocks land-banking opportunities and the ability to “tuck in” Kasitas at existing destinations like wineries with minimal disruption. 

For investors, Kasita aims to be the first boutique hospitality company with a global reach by delivering a premium, seamless hospitality experience to guests at rapid scale. Hospitality and construction are ripe for disruption. Most hospitality offerings are uninspiring (big box), inconsistent (STR), or overpriced (boutiques). Site building hotels is expensive, takes forever, and results in a permanent structure with a fixed key count. Kasita offers a solution to both problems.

When are you launching your first hotel project(s)?

Our first hotel will open in early 2020.

I love Kasita – can I help bring Kasita to my city?

Yes. Drop us a line and tell us why Kasita should launch in your city.

I love Kasita – can I invest in the company?

Yes! Contact us for details.

I’d love to partner with Kasita to introduce my product to your guests – who should I speak with?

We would love to learn more about your product. Contact us for details.

Do you still sell tiny homes?

Unfortunately we are no longer selling tiny homes to consumers.

What happened to the previous Kasita tiny house company?

The previous Kasita tiny house company was founded in 2015 with an ambitious vision. They created one of the most innovative and highly regarded tiny homes on the market. Unfortunately, there was not enough consumer demand to support their plan to manufacture and sell tiny homes directly to consumers, and the previous Kasita tiny house company ceased operations. 

If you have any questions about our new company, please direct them to our corporate counsel.