The next generation of modular has arrived.

With a rapid speed to market and unprecedented design, Kasita cuts the noise and cost of a typical development model, allowing you to focus on bringing your big idea to life. To top it off, we’ve got a pipeline of eager potential Kasita residents that stretches from San Francisco to New York and just about every metro and mountain town in between.

You’ve got a vision.
Let us help you build it.

Kasita adapts to a wide range of real estate projects, including underutilized land plays and urban infill developments.

underutilized land into
on-demand living.

Sites that are typically too small or unconventional in size are excellent candidates for Kasita.

Urban Infill

A density solution that fits on underutilized plots in the urban core.


An enviable getaway spot that fits everywhere from beach to mountaintop.


A flexible space that can flip from home to office to studio.

Corporate Housing

Furnished corporate apartments that rent at a premium.

Short Term Rentals

The ideal guest house or short term rental unit.


An ideal option for retirees wanting to downsize in style.

Designed for Modern Life.

We challenged our designers to rethink the home for the way people actually live. By taking an industrial design approach, we created a super smart dwelling that outperforms traditional small homes in design, function and user experience.

Larger Than Life

Soaring windows, ingenious storage solutions, and an obsession with UX have resulted in a gorgeous yet functional space that completely redefines micro dwelling standards.

The Smartest House

Kasita’s proprietary technology platform controls a wide array of smart devices—including lighting, audio and home security—on a single integrated app. No aftermarket setup required.

Fully Outfitted

The Kasita arrives on site furnished with a queen bed, a suite of appliances, and an integrated audio/visual system. The dwelling is occupant-ready as soon as installation is complete.

The Promise of
Modular Fully Realized.

Save 40-50% of your time with Kasita’s off-site manufacturing. Once it’s installed on your site, it’s ready to live in.

Kasita Off-Site Construction Time

Design & Engineering
Permits & Approvals
Site work & Foundation Off-site Manufacturing
Site installation & Finishing

Conventional On-Site Construction Timeline

Design & Engineering
Permits & Approvals
Site work & Foundation
Building & Unit Construction
Site Restoration & Finishing

True Turnkey

Conventional modular prefab requires significant finish work on site. Kasitas are furnished and move-in ready as soon as they’re installed.

Rapid Installation

Because Kasitas are turnkey modular dwellings, the final installation process is fast, the installation time is drastically reduced, less labor is required and disruptions to surrounding uses is minimized.

Code Compliant

Kasitas have been designed and engineered to meet International Building Code requirements (IBC 2015) and are building code compliant at the state level as modular manufactured housing.

On the Road.

From factory to foundation, take a look at a Kasita installation in Austin, TX


Behind the Scenes.