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Our Process

Let’s get started on your Kasita. Our process is broken into six steps, all of which our dedicated team can help you with.

  • 1 Site
  • 2 Budget
  • 3 Reserve
  • 4 Permit
  • 5 Build
  • 6 Deliver
Step 1

Choose Your Site

Land is not included with your Kasita. To put a Kasita on your property it will need to be appropriately zoned land to accommodate a single family residence or accessory dwelling unit.

If you are interested in putting a Kasita on your property, check your local municipal codes or call a land planner or civil engineer.

If you’d like Kasita to help you with this, check out our Concierge Service. We’ll take care of all the details and you’ll get to focus on planning your housewarming party.

Step 2

Your Budget

In addition to the Kasita, you'll need to budget for land planning, engineering, permitting, utilities and foundation construction. This guide can be used for budgeting purposes, however, each site and location is different and your costs will vary.

*Estimate only. Subject to site specific constraints, local land use regulations and fees, access to utilities, and delivery distance.

Not Included
Site Planning & Permit
$2,000 -
Utilities & Foundation Construction
$3,000 -
Delivery & Installation
$1,000 -

Total Budgeted Cost*

$145,000 - $157,000

Kasita Concierge

Let us handle everything for cost + 18%. Learn More

Financing Options

Finance your Kasita similar to any traditional real estate purchase. Learn More

Financing Your Kasita

Kasita is available in the US for $139,000. Financing a Kasita is similar to financing any traditional real estate purchase. Kasita recommends you contact a bank of your choice to discuss financing terms. Additionally, these financing companies have expressed interest in Kasita and may be a good option for your consideration:

Kasita Concierge

Kasita offers turnkey planning, design, engineering, and construction services to make things simple. If you are interested, please contact us at and we'll be in touch shortly to discuss further with you.

Step 3

Reserve Your Kasita

Contact us and we’ll help you get the process started. We’ll work with you to check your zoning, design a site plan layout, and discuss any customization options. You will walk away with a conceptual site layout to begin the permitting process.

Ready to start? PLACE YOUR DEPOSIT

Step 4

Get your permits

Engage a local land planner, architect, or civil engineer to formalize and process a land plan approval through your local permitting agency. They will help you finalize a land plan and obtain the necessary permits.

Step 5

Prep your site

Once you have your site development permit you'll want to engage a general contractor to prep your site, build your foundation, and extend utilities. We'll coordinate with your general contractor to ensure a seamless delivery and installation of your Kasita.

Step 6

Welcome home

Your Kasita is delivered, installed, and ready to live in.

Let's get the process started

Place your deposit

Kasita is available throughout the United States for $139,000. Please complete the information below, and place your $1,000 deposit to reserve your Kasita. Your deposit is 100% refundable prior to signing the Sales Agreement! If for any reason you change your mind, just let us know and we’ll gladly issue you a refund in as little as 48 hours. For more details download our brochure.

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