Our story so far

Co-founders and serial entrepreneurs Kenny Tomlin and Richard Lent share a decades-long friendship and a common passion for innovation and travel.

Spotting the trend away from big box hotels towards more flexible STRs, they made their first investment acquiring the Kimber Modern hotel in Austin. It has been named one of the 10 best by Tablet Hotels, one of the 10 Best-Designed hotels in America by Dwell Magazine, and is #1 rated in its category for the last 8 years by Tripadvisor. Thanks to its seamless-service and high-design model, the Kimber performs at 85% above market.

A proven model

In thinking about scaling the model, the duo recognized the huge challenges hotel developers face when site building and the disadvantages of retrofitting existing real estate for STR use. So they set out to find the finest precision-designed, factory-built housing manufacturer. In 2018, they found the tiny house company Kasita. By early 2019, they owned all of its assets.

A World Class Team

Over the next few months, the partners began hiring great talent and recruited a world-class leadership team. With inspiration from the original Kasita, the team has created a purpose-built, best-in-class hospitality suite. They also forged manufacturing relationships with several state-of-the-art, geographically-distributed factories to build their proprietary products.

Doors opening 2020

Most recently, Kasita signed a design, development, and management agreement for its flagship location in Austin, with plans for additional locations—all launching in 2020.