Folks have been inventing new forms of shelter since the days of cave dwellings and mud huts. Yet, somehow—in a century that’s seen the smartphone, the electric car and the decoded human genome—the last major leap in the US housing industry was in 1884, when the ten-story Home Insurance Building went up in Chicago. Unfortunately, the old model is no longer cutting it. Cities are growing, rents are rising, and quality housing in economically vital areas is slipping out of reach for an increasingly large number of communities.

It’s high time for change, which is why we’re developing KASITA, a modern micro home built with the future firmly in mind.

What does the future look like? Well, for starters, it’s beautiful. Every last inch of the KASITA has been thoughtfully designed—from the iconic glass cube to the soaring ceilings to the ingenious use of space. The latest technology is seamlessly woven into the KASITA architecture and—unlike structures of the past—it’s designed to adapt as new innovations arrive. Most importantly, though, the KASITA is located in desirable neighborhoods at an attainable price, making it a little easier for you to find your place in a world that’s moving faster than ever.

Jeff Wilson, Ph.D.

Jeff Wilson, Ph.D.

Kasita is led by Dr. Jeff Wilson aka ‘Professor Dumpster’ who lived in a 33 sq ft dumpster for a year, transforming it into a living space.

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Taylor Wilson

Taylor Wilson
Co-Founder, Business and Real Estate Development

Taylor, co-founder of Kasita, is a developer pursuing microunits in East Austin, the first of its kind in Austin.