Small space. More life.

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A modern, minimal way of living.

The simple nature of a KASITA means you can do more with less. It’s a reimagined home designed with intention. There’s nothing quite like it.

Curated and efficient space
Designed from the ground up, so every amenity fits perfectly in less space.

The smart home for smart cities
Whether you rent or own, these small spaces solve a big housing problem.

A more flexible house
This dynamic housing feels right at home, no matter where you land.

Our Story

Not every company can say their CEO used to live in a dumpster. That’s our founder’s tale—from tech pioneer, to professor, to tiny space astronaut.

Jeff Wilson got his start at the height of the dot-com boom in the late 90’s. Silicon Valley was buzzing, but after three years he felt stifled by the system and its lack of real innovation. Wilson quit the corporate grind, buried his Rolex in a California desert, and set out to find more from life.

Years later, after earning a Ph.D. and becoming a professor, Wilson became fascinated by minimalism. He sold most of his possessions for a dollar apiece and spent his summer breaks traveling abroad with nothing but the clothes on his back. After moving to Austin, Texas, his love for minimalist living culminated in an educational and social experiment where he lived in a used 33 square foot dumpster for an entire year.

Small living led Wilson to reimagine what a comfortable home could be—especially in a growing city in need of affordable, urban housing. He took all the best elements of dumpster life—more from less, beautiful design, and smart technology—and conceptualized a dream space. He called it KASITA. A whole new category of living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for real?

Yes! A KASITA prototype is currently located in East Austin, and we will be taking orders very soon. Less than a 10 minute walk from the heart of the city.

How big is KASITA?

The KASITA is approximately 319 square feet with 10-foot ceilings. Because of the thoughtful industrial design, the space feels twice as big. It’s surprisingly roomy with feng shui on point!

When will KASITA be available?

If you live in Austin, our hometown, you’ll be able to live in a KASITA by late 2016. We’ll then be rolling out in other cities soon.

Who is KASITA for?

KASITA is designed for a variety of individuals at different places in their life. From college kids in need of student housing, to urban millennials, to those enjoying retirement —KASITA is the perfect home.

How can I afford a KASITA?

KASITA is surprisingly attainable. In fact, you'll be able to own one for less than you're probably paying in rent. Whether you want to buy one or set up an entire KASITA community, feel free to sign up for updates so you're the first to hear about pricing.

Does KASITA work with cities?

We’re in the process of building close ties with city representatives to make sure this is an attainable solution to the urban housing problem.

How does KASITA work for developers?

Developers all over the nation are interested in KASITA for smart urban housing. It’s a low-risk, turn-key solution that can work practically anywhere. Let us know if you're interested in developer opportunities.

What else can KASITA be used for?

Not only are KASITA homes for individuals, or the answer for the urban housing crisis, but KASITAs can also serve as rapid reusable crisis housing, event housing, or a space to have the grandparents closer to the kids. We’re still dreaming up the ways they’ll be used.

Does KASITA have everything I need?

We’ve included everything from a Casper queen size mattress to an in-unit washer/dryer. No need for laundry change or communal bathrooms here—it’s not your average small space.

How high and wide can these things go?

KASITA is completely flexible, from the units to the racks. The racks can be modular from a single unit cradle, to up to 10 floors with an elevator.

How do the utilities work?

KASITA cradles and racks are tied into city utilities through our docking technology. The utilities are distributed throughout the rack to each individual KASITA.

Is KASITA mobile?

We’re working on an innovative and transportable docking system to be able to get you from place to place. We want to make it easy to move across town or across the country.