Hospitality for the Independent Traveler.

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San Antonio
San Diego

Trust your stay,
seize the day.

Travel should be one of life’s great pleasures. It connects us with opportunity and broadens our perspective. Yet distractions and unwanted options drain our resources and make us feel less productive and less present.

We believe there is a better way for entrepreneurial, creative minds to seize the day and fulfill their purpose while on the move. That is why we created Kasita, a hospitality company for the independently-minded traveler.

Purpose Designed

Our award-winning Kasitas were developed from the ground up for a single purpose: the optimal hotel guest suite.

Kasita provides a consistent experience of the highest quality, no matter where you stay. What you see is exactly what you get. Every location, every time. No more guessing, no more letdowns.

An optimal stay,
every day.

Each thoughtfully designed 360 sq ft Kasita looks and feels expansive. It offers serene privacy, abundant natural light, a modern bathroom, a functional workspace, and an incredibly comfortable mattress with luxury linens.

The space is custom designed and factory built to maximize wellbeing, convenience, warmth, and optimal rest and relaxation. Everything is where it should be and works as intended. No gimmicks, no clutter.

Common spaces that inspire creativity

Seamless Service

We believe that technology should create human connection and empower our guests. Our keyless concept provides autonomy and effortless luxury. And our proprietary logistics platform and intelligent sensor-based systems create an innovative, seamless, and efficient guest experience.

Our staff is behind the scenes by design in order to maximize privacy, but they are always just an app click, text, email, or call away.

No front desk, no need to check in. Simply arrive.

From arrival, an authentic conversation begins with Kasita Hosts over text or via our app. Your self-selected PIN gets you on site and into your room. You can stream your music and movies from your own accounts and devices using our no-hassle entertainment system. You can set preferences like pillows and toiletries that become a part of your optional profile and show up when desired. Intelligent in-room systems learn, remember, and set all lighting, temperature, and sound settings to your preferences—automatically.

Kasita’s frictionless service experience and shared open spaces foster community among guests while empowering you to stay and play on your terms.

The Kasita Independent, Our Inspiration

By far the best
I've ever set foot in.

Art GenslerArchitect of the first 100 Apple stores